Welcoming Coworking to Algeria to the Delight of the Community

Tout - 9 février 2016


It all happened so quick.  It was on April 2015 that I first heard of coworking concept during a short trip to Florida.  Intrigued with the concept, the idea quickly turned into a fascination and a vision to open Algeria’s own coworking space. I was determined to benchmark with the best coworking spaces seen in the U.S., where coworking 1st originated in 2005 and went on to become a global trend.  Everything from location, design, decoration, equipment, service offering, pricing, community events was carefully crafted with the sole purpose to serve this ever growing community of talented independent Algerian professionals

The real journey started last October having drafted my 1st business plan and in a mere 4 months period the space was officially open, which is easier said than done for startups in  Algeria. Only two days into our open house week , I am glad to have met and welcomed over 80 professionals into the space.  Some as potential clients interested to become members and other to offer their encouragement and thanking me for my initiative.

The underlining value of coworking makes perfect sense in a new age economy that is driven by our ability to connect with the right people, effectively collaborate with them and eventually create innovative products that adds value to our society. THE ADDRESS was founded to serve this specific purpose, and we have embraced these principles as our company values.


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