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Tout - 16 mai 2016


The most frequent advice that I got as I entered into the entrepreneurial world in Algeria is to be very cautious of Algerians, statements of such ”like foxes they will seek opportunities to gain from you”, “they squeeze you for money at any chance they got”.  So understandably, I embarked into this journey being a bit paranoid of some visitors at times, especially ones that seemed too nice or ones that ask too many questions. I sit thinking the worse of them.

Let me tell my story now, about the Algerians that I encountered during this short 3 month journey so far and I let you be the judge

Mohamed Idir – I met Mohamed Idir at SICOM conference.  Few days later he came to THE ADDRESS.  We talked briefly, exchanging ideas, stories about our experience in Algeria.  Idir started using THE ADDRESS since then, he is person that believes whole heartedly about a better Algeria and returned from abroad to play a part in this.  Received a call from him one day and asked me to send him photos of THE ADDRESS and the company logo graphics.  Should I be alarmed? Few days later, Idir shows up at THE ADDRESS, big smile in his face and with pride gives me a USB key, “a gift” he said.  With his own finances Idir paid to create a 3D video for THE ADDRESS, insisting at the same time that nothing needed in return.

Salah Tourab – He is the founder DZTenders based in Annaba.  He came to THE ADDRESS while on a short visit to Algiers.  We set for only 30 minutes and he was all praises, offering word of encouragement on this imitative and valuable advices.  Before leaving that same day, Salah told that he has an exhaustive mailing list of SME clients that he could use to share THE ADDRESS service offerings to.  A month later, Salah called me and told me about his participation in BATIMATEC with a stand for DZTenders and offered to bring THE ADDRESS rollup to his stand and place our hostess to promote our service.  All free of charge

Chabane Chaouch Lyes –  A respected university professor that changed career. Specializing now in translation.   Mr. Chebane visited THE ADDRESS just a week after opening, to jointly explore opportunities to add translation as part of THE ADDRESS service offering.   Weeks passed, I called Mr. Chabane needing to translate a powerpoint presentation from English to French. Mr. Chebane worked on it and then visited THE ADDRESS to put the final touches.  Final touches turned into a 2 hour work session as we worked on our choice of terminologies on both versions.  Mr. Chebane having realized by then that the translation is for me personally insisted that he does it for free.

Hafid Derradji – Arguably the most successful journalist of his generation, and I wanted him to be my 1st guest in “Success Story” monthly series.  So I got his Qatar mobile number and I called him to tell him about THE ADDRESS, our vision, and specifically “Success Story” as portal to inspire the young generation of Algerians.  Hafid with his deep voice and without hesitation said “No problem my brother, I will do it and with great pleasure”.  Post event and in interview with BeurTV, Mr. Hafid complimented THE ADDRESS and what we are aiming to do.  Nothing in return in a time where image rights and usage are compensated for .


Mohamed Islem Ayad – A fellow entrepreneur, who launched ISCompany during the same time as THE ADDRESS.  Islem is a very passionate person and wastes no time in promoting his new business, and while at it he pushes me to do the same.  Islem calls me whenever he sees an opportunity for THE ADDRESS.  Two weeks back, he visited THE ADDRESS dragging with him a journalist to see the space, see him you would think that he was the presenting his own project as he was giving the tour.  4 days later he secured us an opportunity to talk about THE ADDRESS on national radio channel (La Chaine 3)


Cherif Zeghidi – A young talented graphic designer living in Oud Souf.  He came to Algiers on a short trip and visited us at THE ADDRESS.  Good timing as I was looking for a designer at that time.  Cherif and I set and talked about his inspirations and little bit about THE ADDRESS.  I told Cherif about my need to create digital posters for THE ADDRESS social media platforms.  Cherif the talent person that he is told me “You are asking for very simple tasks, things that I can do in few minutes”, Cherif insisted that he does it for free as support for THE ADDRESS.


This is my story, the people that I came across are no fictional figures, they are simply great individuals that you can look up and connect with.  I ask the question again…As Algerians how do we see each other?  I have traveled and lived in many countries, and I can say with full conviction that the best people that I have met are from this beloved country, and I am proud to be an Algerian

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